Kasbah, Limerick w/ Sixth Extinction, Xero - 24/02/17

  • Great night in three Kasbah last night, cheers to all who came out. Looking forward to the next time!

Live in Fred Zepplin's, Cork, 29/10/16

  • Second gig, in Cork, supporting DVNE and Harvester. A heavy night was had.

Kasbah in Dolans, Limerick, Oct 8th 2016

  • I think this was the point where I started to wonder why I couldn't hear the drums anymore and the sound guy ran up and plugged the laptop back in. He was sound for a sound guy.

  • Surprisingly actual people showed up.

  • Hammering the shit out of our strings while staring fixedly at our hands ignoring the crowd. We sure know how to put on a show

  • Can you tell john broke a string? It really enhanced our playing style.

  • We'r so kooky and fun.

  • I can't think of a caption. It's another angle of our sexy bodies.

Recording the EP

  • Extra sound insulation provided by stacks of empty cans.

  • John's neck, about to explode.

  • Let the mixing begin.

  • A few roars.

  • Quick John, arm the SUFFER track.

  • John's set up.

  • Tracking the first song.

  • Liam, realising there's photos being taken

  • Adding the ould haunting drone tones to the EP last night. Almost there.

  • Liam, taking a break from being beaten to within an inch of his life by slow punishment.

  • Liam, lovingly cradling the mic.

  • Liam cracking out some bass.

  • This is how we get such a good tone.

  • An absolute shit show of cables.

  • Less notes, more horror

  • Liam's set up.

  • One of the songs in action.

  • A picture of a lad listening to our EP, slipping on the thick sludge and suspended in a fog of white hot tone

  • John rocking out in tubular style dude.

  • John playing rediculous space rock style bass tuned to negative G flat.

  • The bass recording set-up.