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Date Venue Location Notes
Aug 25 2017 Sally Longs Galway, Irl With Conjuring Fate, Between the Lines, and 12 Gauge Outrage
Aug 18 2017 Thomas House Dublin, Irl With Catastrophe, Wardomized, and Arjunas Eye
Aug 06 2017 Dolans Limerick, Irl Bad Reputation 10 year anniversary
Jun 03 2017 Old Malt House Templemore, Irl Templemore Metalfest
Apr 16 2017 Dolans Limerick, Irl The Siege of Limerick
Feb 24 2017 Dolans Limerick, Irl With Sixth Extinction and Xero
Oct 29 2016 Fred Zepplins Cork, Irl Supporting Dvne and Harvestor
Oct 08 2016 Dolans Limerick, Irl Supporting Countless Skies and Megacone