2 months ago
Till A’the Seas - New Demo clip

Working on some new tunes last weekend.

The band have been working on some new material for the next album so here is a teaser clip of a rough demo featuring Seamus with his amazing pale legs in bl...

2 months ago
Paranoid Beast Promotions

Delighted to play at Monolith Festival in Cork this August!! Cheers to Paranoid Beast Promotions for having us down. Very excited to play Cork again, especially alongside so many other deadly bands. ... See more

Third announcement.......



Marabou was formed in early 2011 by long time friends and collaborators Shay Davitt and Tom Leacy. Garnishing a healthy ... See more

3 months ago
Dusk, by Third Island

Tonight's the night of a long dusk. We made an EP that might suit the mood. Enjoy your solstice.

3 track album

3 months ago

Drummer wanted, Please like and share. Baldness and beard optional but encouraged.

3 months ago

New space finally mostly set up! Looking forward to cracking out some more riffs in here. #thirdisland #metal #doom #postmetal #postrock #sludge #doommetal #irishmetal #irishdoom #limerickmetal

3 months ago
Album Review: Third Island - Omelas (Self Released) - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

Omelas just got a great review from Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life check it out below:

Based in Limerick, Ireland, post metal/doom band Third Island formed in 2015 and have since been busy honing their craft resulting in Omelas, their debut album out now on CD, digital download and ... See more

4 months ago
Moving into our new Jamspace (plus The People live jam)

Watch (through a terrible camera phone) as the gang move into their new jamspace, act like idiots not realizing that they're actually not all that funny, and...

4 months ago
Third Island

One year ago today we recorded this droning nonsense.

Tonight marks the surprise release of our song "Hourglass".

Steamboat Music recently advertised a talent competition. This is our entry; our talent being wringing these relentless, harsh, droning ... See more

4 months ago
Moshville Times Official Playlist - The Best in new and classic Rock and Metal every Month, a playlist by David Shevyn on Spotify

We've been added to the Moshville Times Official Playlist on spotify. Give it a listen here:

Moshville Times Official Playlist. Catch up with all the bands featured in The Moshville Times over the last month with this official playlist.

4 months ago
Metal Storm

Thanks to Metal Storm for this fantastic review. Check it out below. The Neurosis and Depeche Mode comparisons have come up again which can only be a good thing.

Third Island ride the line between post-rock and post-metal, but not in the pedestrian way that so irritates Craig; in a good way. "They don't sound like Explosions In The Sky for half the song ... See more

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